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Study Tour Programs

Participating in various thematic study tour programs is the most effective and direct way for students to get a better understanding of the Canadian education system and teaching model related to the themes of study tour. Students will experience what life is like in Canada, which is beneficial for planning their future studies and careers.

School Boards of Canada – Summer Camp for Teenage and Youth Culture

This summer school program held by public school boards sees students study in public schools. This lets students have courses in an immersed English environment, experiencing education and the teaching model in North America.

Program Highlights:

  • A first-hand experience of life abroad as international students. Stay in community college student housing or local family homes. Study and discuss with local students, make friends, improve communication skills and adaptive capabilities by studying abroad in advance.
  • A variety of outdoor development programs for students, which are available under the guide of an instructor.
  • A cross-cultural exploration trip that can only be experienced in Canada – combining lively modern American openness, classic British tradition, graceful Oriental civilization, and artful French culture. Students will tour through the history of Toronto, visit the political center of Canada in Ottawa, and experience the French culture of Montreal.

Age Range: Teens (12-18 years)
Length of program: 2 weeks
Time of program: July

Featured Winter Camp

Winter in Canada is full of vitality and fun. Students participating in the winter camp will not only understand the teaching model and education ideals in Canada by joining local high school classes and studying with local students, but will also experience the charming winter of Canada by participating in diversified winter programs that can’t be missed.

Program Highlights:

  • Skiing – a first-hand experience of winter sports in Canada. Blue Mountain is an extremely well-known ski resort in Ontario, and the third busiest in Canada.
  • A Dog Sledding Tour with full security – an unforgettable experience. A traditional mode of travel in winter of Canada, and one of the leading winter attractions in the winter of Montreal.
  • Ice Carnival in Quebec – one of the world’s largest winter carnivals in the beautiful and historic Quebec city. Thousands of visitors each year take part in the many activities and sports of the Carnival including night parades, snow sculptures, shows, skating, etc.

Age Range: Teens
Length of program: 2 weeks
Time of program: Jan-Feb

Ice Hockey Camp

Ice Hockey is Canada’s national sport. CCIEI offers a featured ice hockey camp program, partnering with the Toronto Professional Hockey School (TPHS) and National Hockey League (NHL). TPHS is a school that specializes in developing today’s young players. Stars of the NHL have now been brought together as professional instructors to provide knowledge and understanding of the game for children. Their experience and dedication to the game means that the NHL stars are role models to inspire and motivate young players to be their best.

Program Highlights:

  • The most professional instruction possible – NHL stars and instructors
  • Official school certificate of participation after finishing the program successfully
  • An in-depth experience with a variety of snow sports
  • Enjoy the beautiful winter scenery of Canada

Age Range: 8-18 years
Skill level: No requirements
Length of program: 2-3 weeks
Time of Program: Jan and July