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Education Program for International Secondary Students

Program Overview

An increasing number of parents in Asian countries prefer for their children to gain better future opportunities by attending secondary school or earlier schooling in Western countries. This will help their children lay a solid foundation for future study abroad, admission into well-known overseas universities, language skills, and general study and life overseas.


Our services help international secondary students make an individualized plan of study and choose the right secondary or elementary school in Ontario. CCIEI works with public school boards and private secondary schools in Ontario, and provides secondary students with comprehensive education consultation, application for schools, and subsequent services.

Basic Admission Requirements

  1. Provide report cards for the last 2-3 years in the child’s current school.
  2. o strict English language requirements, but having IELTS/TOFEL is a plus.
  3. Financial support from parents for studying abroad.

Application Process (overview)

  1. Submit an application form, completed, signed and dated by both parents and student, and official copies of school report cards of the last 2-3 years in English to the admission office of CCIEI.
  2. Pay application fee for school and consultation service fee.
  3. Application is reviewed upon receipt of application package, the application fee, and consulting service fee.
  4. Receive a conditional offer of admission once accepted.
  5. Pay one school year ‘ s tuition and registration fee.
  6. Receive an official letter of acceptance.
  7. Prepare required documents for study permit application.
  8. Have a physical examination in a designated hospital locally.
  9. Submit Canadian study permit application.
  10. Upon receipt of a study permit, make a travel arrangement to Canada.
  11. Depart for Canada.

Program Outcomes – advantages of studying in Canadian secondary schools

The following are the advantages and learning outcomes of secondary students program:

  1. Upon completion of study in secondary schools, students graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), which is accepted globally. Students can apply for well-known universities worldwide with OSSD;
  2. International students with OSSD can be regarded as local students in applying for universities of Canada, with just the academic performance of the final year in secondary school, as well as universities in the USA and most other countries. There is no admission test for universities in Canada;
  3. No language requirements for the study permit application. Admission for universities needs a language test however, required by the universities;
  4. Be eligible as an international student to work while studying in universities/colleges, including a 3-year work permit after graduation, that provide international graduates with an opportunity of work and immigration to Canada;
  5. Preferential immigration policies in Canada for International graduates give international graduates more opportunities for career development and attract numerous young people to stay in Canada.
    6. Upon completion of study in Canadian secondary schools, students can apply for American universities directly.

A Comparison of Study in Private Schools and Public Schools

  • OSSD: Ontario Secondary School Diploma
  • The above data was collected in aggregate from information published by public school boards and a selection of private schools in Ontario in 2018. Updated information on specific schools can be found on their official websites.