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Canada Crown International Education Institution

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The Canada Crown International Education Institution (CCIEI) is an institution approved by the Canadian government, specializing in international cooperation and exchanges in education and culture. It is under the guidance and management of city level school boards of Canada to respect to its business development. The mission of CCIEI is to promote and develop mature Canadian educational outcomes and philosophies through international projects of educational exchanges. International Education positively impacts our future, and drives economic prosperity and social progress. In the process, we expect to do our part as a bridge for the development and cooperation in international education.

Our Services

CCIEI has excellent specialists with over 20 years of experience in international education programs. The main services of CCIEI include:

  • Provide overseas students with information about high schools, colleges and universities in Ontario and a professional “one-stop-service” for students to study in Canada;
  • Help international students apply directly for admission of Canadian schools under the commission of school boards and partner schools in Ontario, and issue Letter of Acceptance directly to the eligible students;
  • Provide tailored continuing education programs for professionals to accomplish their goal of life-long learning;
  • Organize various themed study-tour programs in Canada such as summer camp, winter camp, study tours for college students as well as parent-child study tours in Canada.