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Services for International Students To Study in Canadian Colleges/Universities

CCIEI works with universities and colleges in Ontario of Canada and provides those students intending to study in Canada with professional consulting services of study, design an individual study plan and provide “one-stop” service for study abroad.


The below universities and Colleges are our partners: University of Toronto, Western Ontario University, Brock University, Trent University, Centennial College and Mohawk College.

Why is Canada a preferred destination for international students?

Although there are many possible destinations available, Canada has been the number one choice for international students. Reasons include Canada’s education system and educational resources, hospitality, friendly social environment, and great future platforms and opportunities.

  • Canadian universities are first-class all over the world. The 92 public universities provide international students with high quality education.
  • As a country made and built by immigrants, Canada’s multi-cultural values make the country very inclusive and provide international students with a friendly and safe environment.
  • Compared with other countries, tuition of studying in Canadian universities is reasonable and lower and in addition, international students are eligible for working while studying.
  • Admissions for language requirements are lower and more flexible than other countries, that helps international students access to study in Canadian universities.
  • Immigration policies and location of Canada neighbored America create a broader career development space for international students.

Selection of Post-Secondary Study in Canada

There are three options for local students’ post-secondary study.

  • Firstly, students apply for ordinary universities that are more weighted towards theory and research than actual operation. There are 92 universities in Canada distributed mostly in Ontario and BC. Length of schooling is 3-4 years.
  • Besides, application for community colleges is the secondary option. The colleges likes vocational technical institutes in Asia area and focus the teaching on application of knowledge and serve for local communities. The duration of study is 2-3 years in usual. After completing study successfully, students gain diploma or certificate as well as degree in small part of colleges. There are 250 colleges in Canada.
  • The third option is to have a short-term program in a private vocational institute, that is a targeted employment market to equip students with skills and knowledge needed.